Toddler Room Reveal

My son is officially sleeping in a 'big boy bed' and has been evicted from his crib pending his baby sisters arrival in a couple short months.

In true Ashley fashion, this 'big boy room' could have easily just been a new bed. But of course, any excuse to redecorate and update a space, you know I'm all in!

To be fair, this transition from nursery to a big boy room was pretty swift with minimal things we needed to purchase, however, even with the small changes, it made a BIG impact.

Here is what the room looked like when we bought our home two years ago:

Carpeted with some nice grass cloth wallpaper. We added hardwood floors and removed the wallpaper, but everything else in the room stayed as is. Here is how Jude's nursery looked before he got his big boy room.

We kept things pretty similar with the theme of the room, so the transition to 'big boy room' wasn't too big of a transition at all. The crib, rocker, and lamp all made it's way into the nursery. The shelf and teepee have been moved to our attic that is also the playroom, and we said goodbye to the bear decals on the wall.

The biggest change to the room was the board & batten that my husband installed and the change of paint color. The board & batten is an extremely affordable way to add some dimension to the room and relatively easy DIY (my husband knocked both kids rooms out in an afternoon while solo-parenting a two year old so it must not of been too difficult!)

I painted the wall with Sherwin Williams Pewter Green. I only needed a quart, and got it during Sherwin's 30% off sale, so it only cost $18. Score!

I got his bed from wayfair and chose this one because it had an adjustable height difference of 7" or 11", so it's very low to the ground in case he falls, which is obviously the biggest worry when switching from crib to bed, and the older he gets, we can adjust it to the higher setting. We purchased these foam bed noodles to prevent him from falling out. So far, he hasn't, so I'd say they are a nice alternative to the bulky bed rails, and way more affordable. This is also helpful for us as parents, because it's easy for us to get in and out of his bed after reading him his stories.

His nightstand and sheets are from HomeGoods, and I snatched them up as it was hard to find a nightstand so low to the ground and not 'average' bed height as well as youthful bedding that was also neutral. I decided on this affixed sconce so that he couldn't knock it over. It's super cheap and now I want one for every room in my house.

This Shinola desk was actually gifted to my husband from my mother from a local antique store. He used this desk at our old house when he worked from home, and it also sat in our office (aka 3rd bedroom) for the past few years. Since that room is now a nursery for baby #2, we needed to fit it somewhere and it totally matched the aesthetic in here. Obviously a 2 year old doesn't need a desk, but he does enjoy doing his puzzles up here and he'll eventually be able to use this for crafts and homework as he gets a bit older.

The other side of his room didn't change much. We kept the same dresser he's had since birth as well as the floating shelves. I moved this vintage Detroit School crate in here from our room to house his stuffed animals.

His Nugget Couch fits the room perfectly, and provides him endless hours of entertainment. This thing truly has been the best gift ever. It's a couch, a stage, a play mat, a wrestling ring, a fort, a place to read, and everything in between.

Overall, the only things we did or purchased for this room were:

-Board & Batten wall

-Green Paint

-Twin Bed

-Twin Mattress


-Foam Bed Rails



-'OK to Wake' Nightlight

We also purchased a few new childproofing things, like a lock for his sliding closet doors, a tether to secure his dresser, etc. It's a whole new ball game when they have free range of their bedroom, alone! The first few nights I was pretty restless worried he was going to get into something, fall out of bed, etc., however, he has transitioned super well, is sleeping 11 hours, and has been staying in his bed until the light turns green on his nightlight! He absolutely loves his new room and so do we! It's youthful, but doesn't feel 'baby-ish' and he can grow into it for years to come!

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