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I'm not going to start this post rambling about all of the reasons that I love fall. If you're a female in Michigan, I think we're all on the same page about how great October is.

But truthfully, Fall is just as great for the indoors as it is outdoors. Turning on the fireplace, fall scented candles, warm blankets, I just can't get enough.

Although our home isn't the stomping ground for fall festivities and thanksgiving dinner, it's somewhere I spend the most amount of time and where I want to feel calm and cozy. However, when I decorate my home for Fall, I use the 'less is more' philosophy. I have one bin of decor items that I lug up from the basement every year and basically, like a fairy, sprinkle a little bit of fall dust around the home.

This year, I tried to incorporate as much of the outdoors indoors. This included pumpkins, leaves, and wheat. In an effort to keep our simple approach to 'home' and the holidays, just a little bit of fall decor can go a long way when you have a blank canvas where it doesn't get lost. Our decor is already neutral and filled with lots of natural tones and woods, so incorporating a few fall pieces makes our home really pop for the season!

Here are a few easy Fall decor items that you can still grab to keep your home fresh and festive for Fall and Thanksgiving!

Trader Joe's Wreath:

Trader Joe's has a seasonal wreath for sale right now that is made up of real leaves that are waxed to be preserved. Due to it having natural leaves, the wreath can't be in direct sunlight or moisture, so I decided to put mine on my kitchen table as a centerpiece. Paired with a nice runner and other fall decor, it looks great and adds color the kitchen. You can still grab this and have it look great for your Thanksgiving table scape.

Plush Pumpkins:

The Target Dollar section is great no matter the time of year, but right now, it's amazing for home decor. Target is selling velvet plush pumpkins that look straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine for $1 each. They come in neutral and muted colors. I picked up several and have them scattered throughout the home. If you see them, stock up! I also grabbed this wooden 'home' banner from the dollar section as well! It would look great painted white, too!

Dollar store:

The Dollar Store is always a great place to shop for seasonal items. They are much more affordable than other home decor shops. Find the orange plastic pumpkins and spray paint them with a matte white paint. Once dry, test out your hand-lettering skills, and write a fun saying like "happy fall', "cozy" or "home". The nice things about these pumpkins is you can re-use them year after year.

Outside Elements Indoors

Some of the best fall decor is in your neighborhood, or at your local store! These bunches of wheat were at Trader Joe's for $2.99 a bundle. You can also find colorful leaves and pinecones and fill a vase or dough bowl. Dip leaves found outside in wax and hang them on a string for natural garland. Pick branches with colorful foliage and place in vases around your home. These are free and you'll have no remorse when you have to throw them away before next season.

Also, lanterns, they work for every season, and are apart of our decor year round. The large one seen above is from pottery barn and the small ones are from hobby lobby. Put some flameless or votive candles to set the cozy vibe.

Trader Joe's seasonal candles are always a staple in our home. They last the entire season and smell phenomenal. A bonus is they are made with natural wax and wicks. [marble pumpkin is from Home Goods].

This cute little pumpkin sits on our kitchen window sill. Every evening while we're making dinner, we hand Jude the pumpkin so he feels like he's 'helping'. He paints it with water, washes it with soap, puts stickers on it, you name it. Maybe next year we'll be brave enough to let him paint it!

Even our bedroom got a little Fall refresh. Granted, this faux fireplace is up year round, but adding the Cotton Stems, beeswax candles, and the willow branches helps with a cozy vibe. [tutorial on the faux fireplace coming soon!]

So, what is your favorite season to decorate for? Have you DIY'd fall decorations or found an affordable trick or hack? Share in the comments below!

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