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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Valentine's day will always have a new meaning. Not that I necessarily really cared for the holiday, but it was the day that we closed on our first place together in 2013, 7 months before our wedding. Actually, Danny was still in England at the time, and he never actually saw the place until it was purchased, talk about trust!

It was the best valentine's day, even though we were 3000 miles apart. Every year, even now that it has been sold, we still think about that day and how it was such a pivotal moment for us. It was the place we'd call home. We were pretty sure that it wasn't going to be our forever home (it had a pretty choppy layout that would have been hard to restructure), but we knew it was going to hold a lot of memories for us as husband and wife, and that it did.

We found the greatest deal on a home that was right on Lake St Clair, a large inland lake that houses thousands of boaters and feeds into one of the great lakes as well as the Detroit River. For us, young 20's, no kids. It. Was. Perfect. It was just under 2000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, had a two car detached garage, walkable to the little downtown and had an amazing view of the Lake right out the backdoor. It was more than enough space we needed and was a dream house for entertaining.

But, let me tell you. It did not look pretty. It had walls similar to a mobile home, carpet in every room, linoleum, wallpaper, the whole nine yards. It was pretty ugly, no, it was horribly ugly. We couldn't afford a move-in ready house on a Lake, not in our wildest dreams. Both Danny and I were in between jobs and trying to start our lives in Michigan.

We were fortunate enough to have support from our parents that we were able to renovate part of the home right when we purchased it. We literally had the entire downstairs ripped to pieces while we lived upstairs for way too many weeks. It was not pretty. We had no use of our kitchen and probably inhaled way too much dust. We put up some drywall, took down a wall, added wainscoting, painted, and added laminate flooring in the downstairs living area. Everything else would come in due time.

I will be sharing lots of posts about the renovations we did and what the house looked like when we sold it in 4 years later.

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