Modern Farmhouse Half Bath Reveal

Some projects take months of finding inspiration, planning, and executing. This one, well, let's just say my husband and I get a little stir crazy when we're on parental leave after a new baby.

After staring at our four walls for several weeks, we decided that our bathroom needed a major refresh and time was of the essence to get it done before my husband went back to work and my in laws came to visit.

Although most of it was done pretty quickly, it took a few more weeks to find the perfect art piece (still not sure if it's *perfect* for the space, but we'll see if it grows on me) before I called it finished.

Let's take you to the beginning, shall we. This bathroom was U-G-L-Y.

Before moving in, we had purchased tile for this bathroom and asked our contractor to lay it, however, once he removed the carpet, we found original basketweave tile and I insisted it stay. That's the thing with old homes, if you find hidden gems of character, you have to try your best to work with it - that's how you ensure you don't lose the charm of these old homes!

I left the wallpaper, had the ceiling drywalled, repainted the existing vanity white, replaced the mirror and did my best to use paint-stripper and scrape off all of the dirt and grime off the 100 year old tile. It stayed in this state for over two years.

It's hard to believe this is the same space, but I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

The first hurdle was the floors. I did not want to replace them, but no matter how hard I scrubbed, I could not get them to look brand new. We ended up hiring someone to re-color our grout. While he did his best, the tile is SO old that the new color wouldn't bond to the existing grout very well. From far away, it looks great, but up close, you can definitely see the imperfections. I don't mind the quirkiness to it and it's much better than how it looked before, so I'm calling it a win. The silver lining is that we ended up getting this service done for free because the guy we hired had to come back no less than FIVE times to correct his mistakes. With a newborn and a toddler, he started to feel guilty for inconveniencing us and comped his services. (no I didn't ask for it to be free, I actually insisted he take some money for his hard work and effort but he refused. Kind humans do exist!).

I chose shiplap for the walls because we attempted to remove the wallpaper and realized it was not going to come off easy. These walls are plaster and it was peeling off with the wallpaper so with the shiplap, we could install it right over the wallpaper. I chose vertical shiplap to allow for it to be seamless (meaning, no cut boards in the middle of the walls). Vertical shiplap makes the ceilings look taller (they are already close to 9feet!) and just feels more modern than horizontal. The shiplap we used (linked below) is tongue and groove, so each piece fits seamlessly with one another. It also meant we didn't need to use spacers. You can make your own shiplap by ripping plywood boards down into planks, but because the walls were a navy wallpaper underneath, I chose the option of the tongue and groove to ensure I didn't have to prep the walls beneath the shiplap and that you wouldn't see the wallpaper through the gaps. Dan installed this himself in a couple of hours.

We tried to find the most budget-friendly options we could because this remodel was not in our plans or budget for the year. With it being a half bathroom, we wanted it to look good for a reasonable price. Everything but the shiplap was purchased online (bonus as I had a 1 month old baby!) and most of it was from amazon. This vanity was the cheapest I could find with great reviews and it turned out to be great quality as well!

I purchased new accessories in a matte black to match the new faucet. The quality of these are amazing! They are SO heavy and look expensive but are very budget friendly.

We ended up having to call our handyman to come install the vanity and faucet after trying ourselves and getting intimidated. After seeing him do it, it is definitely something we could have figured out if we watched a youtube video or two, but now we (and you!) know for next time, that it's definitely something you can DIY!

The last piece of the puzzle was the artwork. I have been following Juniper Print Shop for quite some time and knew it was the perfect place to look for a statement piece for above the toilet. They are currently releasing a new print a day until the holidays - so if you are in need of art, they are the best of the best! I love that it's a nice pop of color, while staying true to the tone in the room.

source list:

vanity | faucet |toilet paper holder |towel holder |hand towel |mirror |light |shiplap| Art Print |Frame

paint - Benjamin Moore White Dove

all in, including costs of all products and hired labor - this bathroom renovation came in just under $1,000.

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