Kids Bathroom Refresh

It's been about .2 seconds since our last house project ended which means we're about .2 seconds behind on the next one :)

This bathroom has irked me since we moved here. Following the theme of telling our contractors during our large renovation before moving into our home "just paint the walls white and lay neutral flooring and i'll figure out the rest later", later has become almost three years. oops!

The glass-half-full perspective on this, however, is that I've had three years to really learn how we use this space, what's functional, and what could make it better. Basically every night during bath time, my brain has gone wild dreaming of what direction I want this room to take. Also, I think my husband may actually have a heart attack if I throw any more outlandish projects or money to a house that isn't going to be ours for that much longer (no, we don't have plans on moving, but we know in our bones that this isn't our forever house, as much as we do adore these four walls).

So, my goal for this bathroom refresh is to:

- not hire a contractor. This will be a complete DIY job

- find a budget friendly alternative to every element of the bathroom (normally I pick 1-2 items to splurge on and make the rest budget friendly)

-document the entire process in real time to show that renovations & refreshes don't happen overnight. They are meticulously planned out with a lot of trial and error.

Although this is primarily used for our children (ages 2 and 6 months - so they basically just bath and brush teeth in here), it's also our guest bathroom. So I am trying to get the vibe of this room to be a healthy mix of kid friendly and guest-appropriate.

Here is a quick mood board that I sketched up for the plans.

The DIY projects I will be tackling for this renovation are:

- Build an art ledge shelf to go above the bathtub.

- Color-correct the grout to a dark gray to match the floor and give more visual interest to the bathtub

- Repaint the vanity

- Change out both sink faucets to brass

- Change out light fixture above vanity mirror

The rest of the project list will be cosmetic updates, like, a shower curtain, runner, new blind, new hardware, and a new vanity mirror.

So, before I get started - here is what the bathroom looked like when we purchased the home in 2017.

The only thing we have changed is removed the shower curtain, laid new tile flooring, and painted the walls White Dove by Benjamin Moore. You can head over to my instagram and check out the stories to see what it looks like today.

source list will be provided throughout the project and after final reveal as some items on mood board may change.

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