Jude's Nursery - Before/After

If you're confused on why you're reading a post about Jude's Nursery twice, don't be. It's because you are. True Life: I moved with 10 week old baby.

I absolutely adored Jude's first nursery (you can read about it here) and that tiny 9ft by 9ft room will hold a special place in my heart. That nursery renovation was intense (being super pregnant and Danny literally gutted the room, from the floors all the way to the ceiling) and little did we know in the midst of it that we would be selling our home shortly after he was born.

Here is what the room looks like now:

When we moved to our new home, we immediately felt like this room would be a great nursery for Jude. It was bright, big, had a ton of storage space, and the best bead board ceiling I've ever seen. I loved the style of his nursery in our first home and wanted to continue it. Unfortunately though, it wasn't as simple as just picking up his nursery furniture and moving it to his new space. When we unpacked our belongings, we realized that was not going to work. This was what his room looked like with Nursery A furniture in Nursery B.

We quickly realized that simply putting furniture from a 9'x9' room into a 13'x13' was going to be a little bit more tactical than we thought (I mean, that rug in the corner wouldn't even FIT in his old nursery, we had to put it in the playroom!)

Quickly, here's a photo of the room before we purchased the home.

The room felt cramped due to a lot of big furniture in it. The wallpaper was tan and so was the carpet, so we knew we needed to add some contrast to the floors and walls. We tore out the carpet and replaced it with hardwoods that expanded throughout the entire home.

It already looked a million times better with fresh wood and the wallpaper gone. We painted the walls White Dove by Benjamin Moore (again, we did this color throughout the entire home to keep it cohesive).

It took almost a year to get the room how it is today. Little by little we added new things, like the Montessori style shelf for his toys, the wall decals, the teepee, and the rug.

I think we're finally done transforming this room.... right in time for a big boy bed :)

The room has evolved a lot in the past year. We've added a new rug, wall decals, the Montessori style shelf and a teepee. (sources are linked at the end of this post)

The bear decals really break up the white walls. It adds contrast to the room while staying youthful. The best part about these decals is that they are removable and won't mess up the paint, so if we get tired of them they are an easy and quick change!

The quilt above was hand made by my sister when Jude was born. This picture doesn't do it justice on how beautiful it is. My favorite thing about it is the heart that is made out of my dads shirt. Such a great reminder to keep my dad who passed away in 2014 near.

I never knew much about Montessori before having Jude (I will do more on this topic at a later date) but it has seriously changed our lives. This shelf is 'Montessori' based and allows Jude's toys to be laid out neatly and in a clutter free space. The shelf is low enough that he can easily access all of his toys. He plays a lot in his nursery and this space holds many jam sessions with the musical instruments and block building. We keep his 'pretty' toys out to add to the decor of the room and rotate them around when he gets bored of them.

I love this open shelving for his books. He doesn't read these ones quite yet (we're still in the board book phase as Jude finds it funny to rip pages out of books right now). All of these books pictured above were either gifted to us or hold a special meaning.

The dresser above is the white Hemnes dresser from Ikea. I painted it with Valspar Clivenden Forest to add some color to the room. The color is perfect and I am still searching for the perfect brass pulls for it. If you have any recommendations on great brass pulls let me know!

These open shelves hold our everyday essentials, like diaper paste and his essential oil sprays. Our dresser is small, but is the perfect size to fit his necessities.

This room is by far my favorite in the house. I wanted the nursery to feel calm and inviting and I feel as though we achieved that. I didn't want it to be overly 'themed' and to be mostly neutral so that it could grow with Jude as he gets older. This will be his room for years to come and I am excited to see how this room transforms. Will he put posters all over the walls like I did as a kid? Crayons all over the white walls (hopefully not!). To imagine that we're only months away from this turning into a 'big boy' room with a toddler bed is pulling at my heart strings!

What is your favorite room of the house? How did you decorate your first borns nursery?

sources: crib| dresser | rocker | changing pad | floor lamp | crib sheet | stool | sheepskin throw | ceramic elephant | stuffed llama | dreamcatcher | rug| bear vinyls| bear and llama prints| succulent swaddle and quilt| teepee| wood Montessori shelf

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