Five Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

To start this post off in full disclosure, this is the second halloween I have been a Mom. So, only two of these five have been tried and tested by yours truly. However, all five of these are costumes I have contemplated for my toddler and know are easy to execute.

We as moms have a very short window of time where we can dress our kids up however we want. Soon, they are going to want to be Paw Patrol Characters, Moana herself, or a Cat, Ninja, Pirate, you name it. So, it's important that we seize this opportunity!

My guidelines for halloween costumes are simply this:





-Doesn't come in a package

Here are five costumes that won't break the bank and you won't ever have to step foot inside a Halloween Store! Win win!

1. Gnome

Yes, my son was a gnome for his first ever Halloween. Sounds strange when written down, but I can guarantee you he was the only gnome on the block for trick or treating. We got SO many compliments on his outfit and it took me all of thirty minutes and less than $10 at the craft store.

What you'll need to buy:

- Black Elastic (for belt)

- Skinny White Elastic (for beard)

- Red Felt (for hat)

- Yellow Felt (for belt)

- Fur (for beard)

What you should already own:

- Cotton Balls

- A Blue Shirt

- Green Pants

- Warm Socks

- Shoes



- Cut a Square (about 3 inches) from the yellow felt. Then, cut a smaller square inside.

Cut the Black Elastic to be about 2-3 inches shorter than your kiddo's waist. Take the cut elastic and feed it through the yellow felt 'buckle'. Safety pin it in the back.


- Measure the circumference of your child's head. Divide that number by two. Cut two triangles out of the red felt. Make sure the base of your triangle is about 1 inch larger than half of your kids head circumference (for example: if your child's head circumference is 30, divide that by two is 15. Make your triangle base about 16 inches). The height of the triangle is personal preference for how tall you want the gnome hat to be.

- Use Fabric glue to secure the sides of the triangles together, to make your pointy hat.

- Rip apart a cotton ball to form an eyebrow. Hot Glue (or use the fabric glue) to glue them on the top of the hat.


-Measure the length of your kids chin and jawline from ear to ear. Add 1 inch so it's not too tight.

-Cut the skinny white elastic to the above length.

-Take your fur (I purchased ours from Hobby Lobby) and cut it into a triangle the length of the skinny white elastic. The 'height' of the triangle is a personal preference for how long you want their beard to be.

-Use the fabric glue to adhere the 'beard' to the sides of the hat.

Thats it! Now you've got a cute little garden gnome!

2. Alf-Alfa

This may be the easiest halloween costume ever.

What you need:

- A collared dress shirt (any will do)

- Suspenders (the uglier, the better!)

- A Bow tie (the uglier, the better!)

- Dress pants (we just used black denim jeans)

- Eyebrow Pencil or Washable Brown Marker

- Hair Gel

- Sign (optional)


This one is pretty self explanatory. Dress up your son in pants, bowtie, and suspenders. Work a TON (and I mean... a TON! More than you'd expect!) of hair gel into a side part and a large strand of hair. Stick it straight up! This MAKES the costume.

Use your eyebrow pencil or brown marker to add freckles.

Ta-Da! If your kid is willing, make a sign that says 'he-man womun haters club' for them to hold for pictures.

3. Dwight Schrute from the Office

What you'll need:

-Dress Pants

-A light green or khaki dress shirt

-A tie (the uglier the better)

-Pens in the pocket

-gold framed glasses (with lenses taken out)

Self-explanatory! Get them dressed, part their hair in the middle with hair gel, and, if you'd like, put a name tag on them or a lanyard around their neck with the Dunder Mifflin logo like an ID card. All of your adult friends will love this one, and your kid will look back at Halloween pictures in 10 years and say 'Who the heck am I, Mom?"

Image Credit: Pinterest

4. Grandma/Grandpa

What you'll need

- White Hairspray

- Lipliner Pencil (to draw wrinkles)

- A cardigan

- Dress Pants

- Optional: A walker with tennis balls on the bottom (perfect for the new walkers)

*take it one step further and make him the Grandpa from the Movie Up! Get a few colored balloons and tie the string to the back of their waist! You also won't lose them in a crowd this way!

Image Credit: Pinterest

5. 80's Jazzercise

Bringing it back to our childhood, this is also a super easy and affordable costume that can work for both boys and girl.

What you'll need:

-bright colored spandex

-white tube socks

-white tennis shoes

-A headband

-A cut off sweater

Image Credit: Pinterest

Have you tried any of these costumes for your little monsters? What's been your hands down BEST costume?

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