Design Plans for the Attic Renovation

For those that follow me on social media, it should be no surprise that we are renovating our attic soon! Renovations are officially scheduled to start next week and we are seriously so excited to get more space out of our home.

When we purchased our house last year, we loved that the attic was finished. It gave us some bonus space that felt unique. There is a ton of windows (hello natural light) and a lot of storage (some of the attic was left unfinished for storage as well as a large walk-in closet).

Because of the walk-in closet, the attic is technically considered a 4th bedroom for our home. For the past year and a half, the space has been used solely as a guest bedroom. It's been great for our guests to have a large space that is on it's own level for privacy and we plan on keeping it cozy for our guests but also more functional for our daily life as a family.

The attic is approximately 450 square feet (including the walk-in closet) and is L-shaped with vaulted ceilings throughout most of it, but also includes a very low 'nook' area that looks out to the front of our home.

Our goal is to make this is a four part space:

1. Relax: A place to sit and watch movies.

2. Work: A place to put a double work station for Danny and I, or for one of us to be working while Jude's doing crafts or homework as he gets older. We both work from home often so a dedicated work space is key for us.

3. Host: A retreat for guests to feel comfortable when they stay with us.

4. Play: An open and kid friendly space for toys.

It's definitely going to be a challenge to incorporate all four of these things in one space, but I believe that we can achieve this with using intentional pieces that will serve multiple purposes.

Here are some inspiration pictures I have found of the look that we're going for. Calming, bright and neutral.

Photo: Avenue Design Studio

Photo : Alicia M Lund

Photo: Burtsbrisplease

The floors will be this luxury vinyl plank product from Home Depot. The floors beneath the existing pink carpet are in very rough shape and are unable to be salvaged. My dream would of been to paint them but, oh well. This left us with either a) re-carpeting b) installing laminate or c) installing vinyl. We chose vinyl based on it's durability, it's waterproof (great for spills with kids!), and quieter under your feet which was crucial as the attic is directly over the bedrooms. We decided to stick with carpeting on the stairs, as they are very steep (welcome to a 1920's house, nothing is to code!). We chose a medium pile gray and picking out carpet may be the most boring and worst task ever.

Carpet is from Motor City Carpet and is "Space Gray". Paired next to our flooring sample!

Here is a very rough mood board of what I'm hoping to include in this space! Several of these items have already been purchased and the rest I have my eye on!

The wall color will be white, however I am still torn between continuing Benjamin Moore White Dove (that we have throughout the house) into the attic or doing Sherwin Williams Pure White. I love White Dove, but it is on the creamier side, and I think a Pure White may make this room feel more Scandinavian and Bright versus Creamy Farmhouse, if that makes any sense? I haven't thrown on the paint samples yet but will be doing so this week before renovations start!

So, are you ready to see what we're working with, now that i've given you all the pretty pictures? :)

The wall of windows is where the double work-station will go (it overlooks our backyard). The desk will span the entire length of the wall, housing room for both of us to work as well as Jude's crafts.

A pull-out sofa will be on the wall where the armoire is, with a mounted tv and low-profile media cabinet directly facing it. The door in the middle of the room leads to the walk-in closet.

The corner on the left will be a toy area. We will be moving his teepee from his bedroom up here as well as a collection of his books and toys.

The fan will be switched out to the one on the mood board and the beam will be wrapped in cedar.

This corner will also hold toys. Santa will be delivering a play kitchen that will sit against this wall this Christmas, as well as low profile shelves for his toys.

Where the rug is in the nook is where I envision our queen size mattress to rest. Am I crazy? My husband thinks so. But, it fits widthwise with low profile nightstands on either side. I imagine a platform style bed, fairy lights, and a ton of pillows to make it super cozy. If guests prefer, the couch will also be a queen size pull-out.

If the bed idea doesn't work, we will use this space as an additional play area for Jude and possibly re-work the corner where his teepee would go into an L shaped double desk.

The walk in closet will continue to be used for storage (mostly lots of baby items that Jude has outgrown along with out of season clothes of ours). We will also store the guest sheet linens up here, extra pillows, and the air mattress if we have a large group staying the night!

So tell me what you think? Do you think the 'nook' will be cool as a guest bed, or better utilized for toy storage? I can't wait for this space to be functional! Adios pink carpet!

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