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Updated: Jul 24, 2018

When we bought our house, one of our 'must-have' items was a master suite. We didn't have one in our previous house and we knew down the road we really would enjoy having our own bathroom that we didn't have to share with kids bath toys or our guests.

In Grosse Pointe, it is very hard to find houses with a master suite. Most of the homes in the area were built between the 1900's and 1940's where the floor plan usually had one full bathroom upstairs for all of the bedrooms. We were fortunate that the home we purchased had been renovated in the early 2000's and a master suite was added on.

Although the master bedroom wasn't necessarily to our taste, we were just so happy to see it. We knew we could make some quick cosmetic changes and have it fit our aesthetic perfectly. I kept going back and forth between wanting a light and bright bedroom, or something more dark and cozy. We decided to go for the 'light and bright' feel as it mimicked the rest of our home.

We didn't necessarily follow a 'style guideline' for this room. It just kind of took shape and ended up looking pretty 'farmhouse'. Most of the furniture in this room was repurposed from our last home. For example, the rug beneath our bed was our old living room rug, the rug under the chairs was from Jude's playroom, and the gray chairs used to be our fireside chairs at our old home. The window above our bed was our seating chart at our wedding and the dresser was free (I repainted it and added new hardware to it several years ago).

Like every other room in the house, the walls are white. I was worried about the room looking too 'plain', so between my vision and my husband's DIY skills, we managed to execute a pretty cool faux fireplace to give the room some detail and warmth.

The mantel was built from old salvaged pieces found at The Lambs Tail antique store in Armada, MI. My husband was able to fit the salvaged pieces together with lumber from the local hardware store to create the mantel. The old window was also found at a local antique market and the branches were left over center pieces from our wedding.

We made the 'stacked wood' effect by ripping down birch logs found at the side of the road into discs. My husband cut a piece of plywood to fit the opening of the mantel and spray painted it with this flat black spray. We then used the nail gun to affix the birch to the plywood.

Here is a picture of the room before we purchased the house.

and here it is now:

(the doors to the left is our walk in closet and the door to the right is the bathroom. I'll do a separate post about our bathroom renovation, albeit, it was a minor update!)

We ripped out the carpet and laid new hardwood floors (along with the rest of the house). The rest of the updates were just cosmetic. The only 'new' things we purchased for this room was the bed (mattress, bed frame and sheets), nightstands, sconces and curtains. We only purchased a new bed because we wanted to, not because we had to. We really wanted a king size bed and our last bedroom could only fit a queen. Our queen sized bed is now being utilized as our guest bed and we were able to purchase a king size bed that we'll have for years to come.

Sometimes the moving process is daunting to people as they are overwhelmed with the amount of furniture they will need to purchase in order to fit their new space. This. Is. So. Not. True. As long as you are intentional with the pieces you purchase (think timeless, neutral, and clean lines) they will more than likely fit in your new space. It takes a little bit of creativity and re-arranging (okay, maybe a lot of re-arranging... at 10pm.... sorry Danny), but it can be done.

What is your favorite bedroom style? Do you prefer it dark and cozy, or light and airy? Sources are tagged below!

Sources: mattress, night stands, sconces, sheets, curtains

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