9 places to shop for home goods when you're over HomeGoods.

When it comes to decorating my house, I feel stuck. I can’t look at calories, ingredients, or try it on to see if it looks good on my body as ways to make decisions. So many things have to ‘fit’ together perfectly in a space for it to look good. What if the rug I like doesn’t look good with my coffee table? Or what if these candle sticks are too ‘farmhouse’ for my ‘modern’ living room?

I know this is #firstworldproblems, but it’s tricky! Nowadays, there are so many places to shop but I always went to the same three places. I know I'm not alone in this because when I am showing houses or looking at available homes on the market, I notice the same Moroccan rug and farmhouse dining chairs. Although we have our unique styles, how can we truly make a home ours when most of what we purchase is the same as our neighbor?

Over the years, I have done my best to find some places to shop for home decor other than Target, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby (which by the way, there is nothing wrong with these shops as I am the first to swoon over the entire Hearth & Hand collection at Target). I have rounded up my personal favorite places to shop for home pieces, by affordability.


Facebook Marketplace & Swap Sites: If you don’t have the time or energy to stop at garage sales and have the awkward ‘thank you’ exchange with the owner when you leave empty handed, then Facebook Marketplace is the way to go. You can find some incredible deals on furniture (There are always a handful of vintage midcentury modern pieces available for a fraction of the cost of buying a ‘replica’ at West Elm). Also, join a neighborhood Facebook group with like-minded people (i.e, mom groups, home décor groups, etc) to narrow down what it is you’re seeing. Anytime I have a high ticket item i'm looking for, I will always check Facebook Marketplace first to see if anyone is selling it or I will post an 'in search of' post on my City's Facebook Swap page to see if someone local to me is looking to get rid of it. We sold so much of our furniture on Marketplace before we moved I couldn’t believe it! Someone’s trash is another one’s treasure!

Salvation Army: This one may be one of my favorites. Not only can you find incredible deals on clothes, I absolutely love their home section. I have gotten amazing pieces from here for prices that you just can’t beat. I usually go in with an idea of what I’m searching for so I don’t get overwhelmed and leave with a bunch of junk I don’t need. I usually score some great vintage items like milk glasses and antique frames. I also look for wicker baskets for storage (great for kid’s toys!), kitchen items (you can’t have too many soup bowls and coffee mugs), and seasonal items (who likes paying an arm and a leg for Halloween decorations that stay out a month?!) Despite the great prices and unique items, the money you spend at Salvation Army goes to a great cause. Salvation Army is known for donating to the homeless, elderly, kid’s camps, and combating human trafficking so just let your husband know that when you come home with a car full of 'junk'.


H&M Home: This is an online home décor shop that I stopped dead in my tracks when I stumbled upon and also instantly put 20 things in my online cart. They do not sell furniture and are strictly accessories, but are definite worth looking at. The best thing about H&M home is the prices. Everything is so affordable! It's a great place to look for things like candles, seasonal items, and bedding. Another great thing about H&M Home is that you can purchase throw pillow inserts instead of purchasing the entire pillow. This is a great way to change out your décor cheaply (like, floral patterned throw pillows in the summer and plaid in the winter) without having a million pillows in storage. They also have dorm room essentials and adorable kids room décor. The only thing I would say negative about H&M home is that the sizes are in centimeters instead of inches, so if you’re trying to measure something, like a pillow or a table runner, make sure you convert it! I just picked up a few black metal candlesticks for either side of my mantel that I think are going to be perfect!

Amazon: Amazon has really exploded, especially in their home decor section. You can find some incredible items on Amazon's own line of home decor called ‘Stone & Beam’ that has a rustic flare to it. You can’t really beat free two-day shipping if you’re a prime member and it’s very helpful to read the reviews when you’re buying online! 4.5 stars or higher and a great price, you better believe it’s going in my cart (along with a ton of other things I don’t need)! We bought these dining chairs during this season of life with messy toddler hands, and they are great. They are durable, lightweight, and don't chip! I really want upholstered dining chairs one day, so these are a great cheap option until we're ready for those! A set of four for this cheap and with such great reviews, you can't beat it!


Article: I absolutely love Article and is usually one of the first websites I go to when looking for décor. Their style is modern with a touch of Scandinavian. You will see lots of clean lines, metal accents, cognac leather, and natural wood. What I really like about this style of furniture and décor is that you can effortlessly mix it in with whatever ‘vibe’ you have going and it doesn’t look out of place. It’s also very timeless and not super ‘on trend’. Their leather couch has gotten amazing reviews (4.8 stars out of 759 reviews!) and it’s on my wish list when we go to replace ours!

Urban Outfitters: I used to go into Urban Outfitters when I was in High School to browse their hilarious book selection and gawk over the expensive prices for their clothes, however, now that I am #adulting, I can’t get over their home décor. I would categorize it as ‘boho hipster’ style, but there are so many pieces that are versatile and would fit any aesthetic. Most of their furniture is on the smaller scale as they tend to market themselves towards those with apartments and lofts, but I still think you can make a lot of their stuff work in suburban homes as well. Some of their pieces are on the pricier side but keep an eye out for sales as they do run 20% sales frequently! I have had my eye on the Amy Carrol prints (who is based out of Michigan!) and this typography print for my son’s room when it turns into a big boy room.

CB2: Is a sister company of Crate & Barrel (hence the name!) and is a much more modern counterpart than the original. Think brass, marble, hair pin legs, and unique pieces. This style isn't for everybody, but you can definitely score some great options on here! I have purchased things from here a couple of times and the quality of their products are fantastic and the customer service has been great! I am obsessed with these chairs. They would be perfect next to a fireplace with a comfy throw draped along the back.


Schoolhouse Electric Co: I would happily live inside this store if I could. Granted, I’ve never actually been to their store, but I can only imagine it’s what my dreams are made of. I love absolutely every.single.thing and I wish I had the budget to buy all the things. If you can’t tell by the name, they are primarily known for their light fixtures and their vintage style décor. Their pieces are of high quality and timeless. Perfect for older homes (like mine!) or those with a more vintage & minimalist design.

Rejuvenation: Another one of my favorites! Although the price tags on their things can be a little bit pricey, the quality is amazing. This is my go-to place when looking for hardware (their un-lacquered brass hardware will patina over time to such a beautiful aged look). I also love their exterior décor, like mailboxes, doorbell plates and address numbers. It sets your home apart and you don’t have to run to the big box stores like your neighbors. I found this vanity a few months ago and it totally sparked my inspiration for our son's bathroom that is on the list of things to be remodeled. Wood tones with black finishes are totally catching my eye lately!

I always feel 'in the know' when I have cool places to shop for that others may not know about. Have you heard about any of these shops before? What ones are your favorite? I would love to hear about your favorite places to score home decor!

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