10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Selling Your Home

You've made it! Hours of discussions, over-thinking, and finally executing listing your home for sale. First of all, Congratulations on making it this far! Selling real estate can be a daunting process, however, as a full time Realtor® , my job is to make you the most money with as little stress as possible.

Homes are more than just walls and beams. They are where life happens. Just because you're deciding to live elsewhere does not negate the fact that you worked hard for your current home. Memories have happened here and you've grown as an individual or family.

It's important to showcase and market your home well, just as it deserves to be. Below are ten tips I have created as a guide to helping you get the most money out of selling your home!

1. Hire a Realtor®

I'm obviously a little bias here, but the truth is in the pudding. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes that are listed by a Realtor® sell for more money than those sold by owner. The professionalism, experience, knowledge, and negotiation skills you get with ME is worth the price of commission.

2. Professional Photography

Having professional photographs are a great way of getting buyers through your front door. Most buyers are searching for homes online and yours will be competing on a computer screen with hundreds of homes just like yours. In order for it to stand out of the crowd, high resolution photographs are crucial! Make sure your agent is using a professional photographer to take listing pictures of your home!

3. Staging

Staging doesn't necessarily mean renting furniture to put in a vacant home. Staging is important even when you live in the home. Make sure the home is set up in a way that maximizes the floor plan and shows how to use every room. If you have a guest bedroom that is being used for storage, stage it to look like a bedroom or an office for your showings. Re-arrange furniture, incorporate great accent pieces, and style your shelves. As both a Realtor® and an interior design enthusiast, part of listing your home with me will include a consult on how to stage your furniture and home to appeal to buyers.

4. Declutter

If you're listing your home, you're going to have to pack your belongings sooner than later, so start now! Throw away as much junk as you can, donate, and pack away whatever you won't need for the next 6 months. Trust me, buyers are nosy! They will open kitchen cupboards, go into your garage, and open your closets. If buyers see every closet and storage area in your home packed to the top, they may believe that the home doesn't have enough storage. Help your home sell itself by keeping things neat, organized, and clutter-free.

5. Spruce up Curb Appeal

If you didn't catch my post on ways to boost your curb appeal, check it out here. Hose the cobwebs off, update your address numbers, wipe down your exterior lights, and trim up your landscaping. The exterior of the home is the first thing buyers see (both online and in person) so first impressions matter! They will also be waiting outside for some time while their agent is fumbling with the lockbox, which will give them plenty of time to notice any imperfections.

6. Price it correctly and competitively to market value

No matter how perfect your home is staged or how great your photos are, if your home is overpriced, it just won't sell. This is why hiring a Realtor is crucial. Don't just assume you know what your home will sell for because your neighbors sold for that price last year or a number on a real estate website tells you an estimate. Trust your agents market valuation. Obviously, there is strategy involved and wiggle room with your price, but if it's priced well, better chances of it selling quickly.

7. Fix major and minor repairs

Most buyers nowadays will receive home inspections. If you're unfamiliar with what that is, a buyer will pay out of pocket (usually a couple hundred dollars) to hire a home inspector who will tinker around your home for several hours checking everything, top to bottom. They will check your roof, mechanicals, foundation, windows, etc. Now, i'm not saying you need to drop $20,000 on home repairs when you go to sell it, however, if you have a leak in your basement, a hole in your wall from your kids wrestling, now may be the time to fix it. It will more than likely come up in a home inspection and it's better for you to be in control of fixing the repairs than feeling under pressure by a buyers request (and sometimes a reduction in price). These items will also help your home show better, therefore, generating offers!

8. Clean

I can't stress this one enough. Clean, clean, clean! You may not think buyers notice clean baseboards, smudge-free windows, or clean grout lines, but they do! All of these little things truly add up to having a home showing in its best condition. If you're feeling overwhelmed, outsource a cleaner. Local cleaning companies offer one-time deep cleaning services that will help get your home in showing condition.

9. Be flexible with showings

You can't sell your home without showings. Although they can be annoying and last minute at times, try your absolute best to accommodate every showing. You never know if the showing you declined because it was during your daily family dinner, may have been the next owner of your home. Even though it is annoying, do your best to also accommodate the last minute showings. Buyers who request showings and need to get in 'right away' are usually more impulsive shoppers and spenders, which may generate an offer!

Most showings only last 20-45 minutes, so do your best to run an errand, take the dogs on the walk, or grab a happy meal at McDonald's tonight instead of your home cooked dinner. Your kids won't remember dinner in five years and you'll be happy you didn't have to cook!

10. Think Seasonal

If there's anything we know about Michigan, seasons are coming and going, sometimes all in the same day. Play up the time you're selling your home! If it's spring, have some fresh tulips in a vase or plant some new bulbs in your landscaping. If it's Fall, decorate (tastefully) and throw some pumpkins on the porch! Winter? Everyone loves a cozy house in the winter! Turn on your fireplace, light up your Christmas Tree or outside lights, and maybe play some soft Holiday music in the background. Allow buyers to feel a sense of home when they walk through your front door.

All of these items are things that I, as a licensed Realtor®, can help you with. As part of partnering with me, we will do a full in-home consult to go over strategy on pricing, discuss marketing, staging your home to sell, and providing you with whatever referrals you need for repairs, cleaners, etc.

I would love to help you and your family find the next place to call home. Drop a comment below or fill out the contact form here and we'll chat!

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